At Broken Puppet Tattoo Tattoo we are always looking to push our creativity. Together with we have created some incredible products for you. Wether you are a tattoo artist or just a tattoo enthusiast who likes to create tattoo flash we have something for you. Rick has spend 13 years teaching people how to draw, from YouTube videos, tutorial guides and advice no one has put out as much content for people as he has. Simon is a master of ornamental and George is prodigy with traditional art. All three have create sets, ebooks and tools that could really benefit your art.

Rick The Broken Puppet has created an array of learning material from how to draw guides, to builder sets and study sets that are perfect for anyone looking to learn an advance there art with everything broken down is easy to learn format making it suitable for beginners through to professionals.


Simon has a growing collection of ornamental designs and patterns as well as some insane builder sets.


This is not a simple brush set, this is a complete educational guide to American Traditional style tattooing.

American Traditional tattooing has a long history and background built on the backs of the bold & brave tattooers that came before us. These legendary tattoo artists created a tattoo style that was built to last in many different facets. From the way they created the line work, shaded these designs, and most importantly the imagery they used that is timeless. These tattoos hold true to many cultures over a century later, imprinting sailor jerry and old school tattoos everywhere.

Over the years many tattooers have broken down these designs to find the fundamental pieces that create good, solid tattoos and have applied them to many different styles. Tattooers have also been able to dissect these tattoos to understand the common shapes and movements that are required to draw traditional, timeless designs.

Tattoo Space and Richard (Broken Puppet) Shaw have now created a visual breakdown of these essential traditional designs for tattooers and artists alike to use and explore in their everyday creative process.

This Procreate Tattoo Flash Brush Set includes black ink outlines, shaded reference and a complete step by step process of how to draw 50 different essential traditional designs. From Jesus to scorpions, skulls, dragons and more, this set has literally everything you need to use as a quick reference or a complete “how to” guide on how to design them on your own.

Also included is a full Pdf eBook file that displays each fully rendered traditional tattoo design with its “how to draw” guide and the color palette used.

Each color is outlined in a very detailed color palette explanation guide showing which colors are used and where and how you can use them for future designs. The options are limitless and the education is priceless!

Grow, learn, and achieve the best result with our Procreate tattoo flash products.

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