How to look after your tattoo

1. After you have been tattooed your tattoo will be wrapped up by your artist with Dermalize wrap which can be left on for 24-36 hours.


2. We recommend returning the second day for a fresh dressing that can be kept on for 5 days. If you are unable to come back the second day then after the time has passed give your fresh tattoo a wash with warm non fragranced antibacterial soap. Be gentle but don’t be afraid to touch it, all the Vaseline and fluid must be washed off.


3. With some paper towel pat the tattoo dry till it’s completely Matt so you can touch it with the paper towel and when you remove it the towel is clean. This is the easiest method to make sure everything is off. For the next few weeks avoid baths, and long exposure to the sun on the tattoo. Showers are fine and don’t feel like you’re a vampire, the sun can be damaging for a fresh tattoo it won’t kill you.


4. Applying your choice of cream(we recommend bepathen but redemption cream, Yao familia and some others are also good)to the tattoo. The trick is a thin layer, just enough to stop the tattoo going dry. Do this 3 times a day and wash it before each time you apply the cream.


5. Healing times vary from person to person. You may notice some skin flaking off after around 4-7 days. Do NOT pick it. Allow to fall of naturally.


6. At 10 days if all feels good and flaking is over or at a minimum you can switch to a moisturiser for the skin.


7. From 3 weeks you can return to normal bathing and activities. We recommend moisturising the tattoo every once in awhile. It will extend the life and vibrance of the tattoo for much longer.


8. Enjoy your tattoo and show it off to everyone!



alternative healing methods such as Dermalize are good but require different healing instructions, we recommend following the company’s directions for this

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