How to look after your tattoo

1. After you have been tattooed your tattoo will be wrapped up by your artist with a healing film wrap which can be left on for 24 hours.


2.After 24 hours of when the first layer comes off clean the tattoo with warm water in the shower using antibacterial soap, lather up well and wash off all the residue(it's perfectly natural to have a fluid build up at this stage as there will be weeping during the first 24 hours) till it's matte clean.


3. Pat dry with kitchen roll(not your towel as they can hold a lot of bad bacteria)and let air dry for 10-20 mins.


4. We will provide you with a second set of the film to apply. Place over the now dry tattoo according to the directions given by use or follow guide video on the Yayo website if unsure.


5. Leave on for 4-5 days, showering is fine but no bathing, no swimming, no sunbathing or over strenuous activity on the affected area.


6. Remove the film in the shower to make it easier again washing the tattoo with antibacterial soap. Clean any residue off the tattoo.


6. Apply the cream provided 3-4 times a day in small amounts and clean tattoo morning and night for 3 three weeks. Any remaining stickiness from the wrap can be removed easier by using the cream in slow gentle circular motions on the area.

7. While there are other healing methods we find this to be the best and offers great healing results and minimises the risk of infection dramatically as it is covered by the film during the initial vulnerable healing stage.


.These are our healing instruction, any questions or quiries please call the studio

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